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All our Xyron�  Products

� Use no Electricity or Batteries= Safe & Economical �  Leave No Mess
� Give you Edge to Edge adhesive Only where you want it � Perfect Even Coating � Have No Odor or Heat

The Xyron's are So easy to use!!     

 3 Simple Steps:

#1 Insert Item      #2 Turn the knob      #3 Peel and Stick

Instantly apply adhesive, laminate or do both at the same time You can also make magnets.  The patented quick change cartridges are easily switched between applications. 

High Tack Mounting Adhesive: An aggressive adhesive that instantly creates a

permanent bond on most surfaces. Has excellent clarity.
Low Tack Mounting Adhesive: An adhesive offering a lower initial bond that will
become permanent over time.
Use Acid Free cartridges when long term stability (pH balance) is desired.
Has passed the Photo Activity Test (PAT)

Can you write on the laminate?

Yes, with most dry-erase markers and some other markers. If using dry erase markers, white board cleaner will help to remove any residual ink that does not wipe off easily.

What are some of the applications for the Xyron systems?

The possibilities for the Xyron system are endless. We can not begin to list the many ways people are using the different cartridges but a sampling is as follows:

  • Two-Sided Lamination (DL); bookmarks, photos and id cards, book protectors, menus, maps, wall calendars, recipe cards, instruction sheets, banners.
  • Lamination with Adhesive Transfer (LAT); custom shipping labels, bumper stickers, posters, door/window signs, political badges, machinery maintenance & lockout labels, real estate posting, rubber stamp trading pins, art mounting to foam core, photo frames.
  • Single-Sided Lamination (SL); Book protectors, postcards, brochures
  • Adhesive Transfer (AT); Mailing labels, temporary badges, map mounting,
  • Temporary badges, stickers from almost anything including fabrics, plants & flowers, metal photos and much more.


What is the difference between the low-tack and the high-tack?

Both adhesives are permanent. The high-tack adhesive is permanent immediately while the low-tack allows for some repositioning for a limited time before becoming permanent. Generally you can reposition the low tack adhesive before it is burnished.

General Questions

Supply Questions:  

Lamination Questions:

AT Cartridge Questions:

General Questions:

What are the advantages of cold lamination over heat laminators?

Heat sensitive papers, photos, flowers, embossed art, and most other items that traditional laminators can not process can be done safely with the two Xyron� dispensers. In addition, the Xyron dispensers are always ready-to-use.


What is the advantage of the Xyron TM system?

The Xyron� 850 and the Xyron� 2500 are versatile, fast, easy to use and safe for kids. Both dispensers operate without heat, electricity, or solvents and will not damage heat-sensitive items such as flowers and photographs. Unlike traditional laminators, Xyron laminates throughout the item. Cutting near or through the laminated item will not affect the seal. Other advantages include the ability to apply adhesive or laminate items of any length, laminate without bubbling, and apply adhesive without oozing or blotting through the item.

Is there a safety concern with the cut blade?

No, the tip is blunt on all of the Xyron systems.

Is it easy to change cartridges in the Xyron 850 & 1200?

Yes! Simply attach the cartridge feeder to the cartridge and install the cartridge into the machines. When done correctly, the film should be aligned and wrinkle free within 6-12 inches (15.2 &endash; 30.5 cm). Xyron includes at least 2 feet (61cm) of material free of charge with each cartridge to make up for waste when installing the cartridge for the first time.

Can I reorder a cut blade?

Yes, but under normal use the blade should last thousands of cuts. Periodic cleaning will help to extend the blade life.

Are there any adverse effects with thermal paper, specialty papers, printer/copier papers or photos?

No. The Xyron supplies are compatible with all types of printed media. However we do not advise laminating or applying adhesive to any one-of-a-kind items as both the laminate and mounting adhesives are permanent. We recommend making copies of photos and other items prior to processing.

How often do I need to clean the machine idler bars and cut blades?

The answer depends on the amount of use and how the machine is being used. Under normal conditions, cleaning will be required every couple of months. For cleaning instructions, refer to the user manual.

Supply Questions:

Do I throw away the complete cartridge housing? Or can I send it back for recycling/rebate?

The housing and the cores can either be disposed or recycled. If recycling, check the symbol on the housing and contact your local municipality for further instructions.

How can I tell when I am close to the end of a roll?

An end of roll marker is being developed but in the interim either look or feel the roll.

How should I store the cartridges and roll sets?

Whenever possible, we recommend the cartridges and roll sets be stored at room temperature (approximately 70�F, 21�C) in their original packaging. Maximum temperature is 150�F (65�C).

Laminate Questions:

How thick is the standard laminate?

Approximately 2.5 mil per side.

What material is the laminate?

The standard laminate film is made of polypropylene.

Is there a thicker or a more rigid laminate available?

Not at this time. By simply using thicker paper you can make your output feel more rigid.

Is the standard laminate acid free?

No it is not. However the standard laminate has passed the photo activity test which indicates it is safe to use on photographs. However we recommend that one of a kind items not be laminated because the laminate will be permanent and can not be removed without destroying the original.

Will the laminate block UV light?

No. There are additives in the film and adhesive system that counteract the effects UV light has on the adhesive (such as yellowing). However the laminate will not block UV rays and we can not guarantee your image will not fade.

How strong is the laminate adhesive (i.e. will I be able to peel off the laminate, especially after cutting the laminate)?

No. The adhesive will bond strongly to most substrates. Because the bond is across the entire surface of the document, an edge seal can be beneficial but is not necessary. This is an advantage over heat laminated materials.

Over what temperature ranges can the laminate be applied?

The laminates will perform best when both the laminate and the substrate are applied at room temperature. If a cartridge is brought in from the cold, allow the cartridge acclimate to room temperature. The cartridge will be ready to use when the condensation has evaporated.

Can I stick an AT backed item onto a laminated item?

Yes but there is a trick. Rub alcohol on the area where you wish to adhere the item before sticking down. The alcohol will remove the coating on the top side of the film, allowing the adhesive to stick.

Adhesive (AT) Cartridge Questions:

If I stick a banner to a window will it be removable? How about a wall?

It depends on the original material of the banner. Paper generally will not be removable while vinyl often can be removed. In many instances, adhesive residue may be left behind

The adhesive transfer both AT and LAT is not recommended for painted surfaces.

If I use the AT cartridge to stick an item onto clothing is it permanent?

Sometimes depending on the material. For instance, it may be permanent on suede and silk. We advise doing a test of the material.