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Stamp Pads - Ink Pads, Felt, Industrial and Opaque Stamp Pads

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Dry Stamp Pads for Craft and Industrial Applications - Classic Foam, Felt and Opaque Pads - Wood, Plastic & Metal Cases 

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Felt Stamp Pad

Dry Cloth Covered Felt Stamp Pads in Plastic Case

Stamp pads are designed for use with water based stamp inks such as our A720 Etc. They should not be used with most air dry inks as the solvents can have an adverse effect on the plastic and stamp pads (they will dry out very quickly).

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Ink Refills & Ink Pads

DryFoam Foam Stamp Pad

Dry Foam Stamp Pad in Plastic Case

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Photo & Specialty Ink


Industrial Stamp Pad

Dry Industrial Stamp Pad

For solvent based inks

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Metallic Markers


Markk II Stamp Pad

Reversable Ink Stamp Pad  - For Rast Drying Inks

Heavy Duty 2 sided stamp pad only specially for Fast drying inks such as the AE1250, AE245 etc.

Each ink pad surface is 2 1/2" X 4"


$ 28.99

Office Supplies

DryPad Opaque Stamp Pad

Dry Opaque Stamp Pads - in Pairs

Opaque stamp pads are used by industries requiring special purpose opaque inks (thick and viscous or pigmented) for marking nonporous surfaces. These pads are supplied in pairs so that the two surfaces can be inked, then rubbed together for uniform distribution of the ink. By rubbing the two sides together thicker inks can be applied without clumping. This allows for clear, legible impressions over time. Opaque pads are made of fine cloth covering hard felt attached to a wood base.

Note - the 6 X 10 is 1 pad in a Metal Case

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Xyron 1200 Laminator

DryPad Stone Stamp Pad

Stone Stamp Pads - Dry

This is the only stamp pad that can be used with solvent/acid based industrial marking inks without destroying the pad. A constant flow of ink from the porous stone helps create high quality, non-smear impressions.

2 3/8" X 3 3/8""

For an EXTRA Stone Pad Only SEE BELOW


Cutting Mats

DryPadONLY Stone Pad and Felt ONLY


No case

2 3/8" X 3 3/8""


Cutting Mats


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