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Custom Signature Self Ink or Wood Mounted Rubber Stamps - Name Stamps Made to Order

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How do you get your Signature on a Rubber Stamp?

Easy!  Just follow these simple directions.

Great for Business Projects or Quotes.

Sizes available for Self Inking:

Size 1 - 9/16 X 2 3/8"  $22.25

Size 2 - 1" X 2 1/2"  $25.99

Size 3 - 1 1/2" X 3"  $29.99

Wood Mounted Rubber Stamps:

Our Wood Mount Signature Stamps are made to specification so prices vary. 
Generally anywhere from 1/2" X 1 1/2" to 4" X 5" though you tell us what you need.

Ordering is easy but please follow the instructions below to order.

You may want to print this page out to keep the info & instructions on hand.  

Write your signature in Black Ink just as you would like it on plain white paper - Size, clearity etc.  Do not use a marker that will run or a pencil.   
Write down the specifications of the custom made rubber stamp you need:  Length, Width, outside border if desired and any other information we would need to make your stamp. Sending us the signature in the size you want is HIGHLY recommended.

Now Fax  us with these specifications (include your fax # and/or your email address) if you are ordering Wood Mounted custom made signature stamps.  We will fax or email you with the price quote.

The prices for the Self Inking rubber stamps are indicated above so this step can be skipped.

Make sure you let us know which color ink for the Self Inking rubber stamps - Black, Blue or Red Ink  

NOTE:  If you would like an order form faxed to you along with your total cost please call us at 815-675-2751.   If someone is unavailble or you call after hours & you leave your request for an order form and a fax number - you will get it.

When ordering we can bill you via PayPal if that is preferred - just let us know.  Just make a note that you want to be billed through PayPal and make sure you include your email address.

Fax or Mail the completed order form to us at the address below along with the specifications, your signature as indicated above and make sure you let us know if you want a Wood Mounted custom made rubber stamp or a Self-Inker with Black, Blue or Red Ink.  

PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS CLEAR.  Sending us a sample of what you are trying to achieve, if you are combining a signature with other text is recommended.   Custom made rubber stamps are not returnable so make sure your idea is clear.
Make sure you include your phone, and fax numbers when ordering so that we can contact you should we have any questions.

Mailing Address:

Shop For Supplies, Inc.

9105 Anthony Lane
Spring Grove, IL  60081
Phone/Fax: 815-675-2751



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