Ideal Ink Refills and Ideal Easy Reinking Directions



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Ideal Ink Refill Bottles and Instructions for refilling

When changing color inks you can purchase a DRY pad to add your new ink color to or a pre-inked color that is standard.  For the extra replacement pads go to  Self Inking Stamp Supply   You may also purchase the Ideal ink on that page also.


Part # Item Description Price

 Refill Ink for Rubber Stamps and Ink Pads

ReinkI Ideal Ink Stamp & Pad Refills

Ideal Rubber Stamp Refill - Stamp Refill and Stamp Pad - For Trodat Rubber Stamps too

Ideal Re Inker Bottles in 8 Different Colors -

Large 2 oz. bottle




Ink Color  



Address Stamps



ReinkIsm Ideal Ink Stamp & Pad Refills

Ideal Rubber Stamp Refill - Stamp Ink and Stamp Pads  - For Trodat Rubber Stamps too

Ideal Re Inker Bottles in 8 Different Colors -

.5 oz bottle



Ink Color  



Totes, Storage, & Crop Stations

Stock & Date Stamps



ReinkMU Arts and Crafts - Color Ink Refills


Ink Refill - Stamp and Craft  Refill Ink for Ink Stamps & Pads

Rubber Stamp and Craft Re-Inker Bottles in 40 Different Colors - 

.5 oz. bottle

Matching Colors & More Watercolor markers  



Ink Color   



Craft Rubber Stamps

Paper & Note Cards



Shipping Regulations

Flashpoint 73-149

PROFESSIONAL: Photograph, Catalog Cover and Glossy Paper and Card Stock Dye Ink - Top of the Line for Self Ink Stamps

Waterproof too

Drying Time:  15 - 30 seconds

For All Non-Pourous Surfaces

Quick drying ink stays wet in a self-inker for 2-3 weeks.

Solvent System: Alcohol
Suggested Application:  
Address Stamp & Ink Stamps


 AE8300 Ink


Select Size:          

 Ink Color       



Paper Punches & Hole Punches


100's of Paper Punches


Self Inking Stamp Supply


How to Add Ink to your Ideal Stamp

The NEW Ideal Stamp:

Current Sizes New Sizes
Ideal Mini:
5/8" x 1 5/8" (16mm x 41mm)
Ideal 50:
5/8" x 1 5/8" (16mm x 41mm)
Ideal 1:
9/16" x 2 3/8" (15mm x 61mm)
Ideal 100:
3/4" x 2 3/8" (20mm x 61mm)
Ideal 2:
1" x 2 3/8" (25mm x 63mm)
Ideal 200:
1" x 2 1/2" (27mm x 65mm)
Ideal 3:
1 1/2" x 3" (38mm x 76mm)
Ideal 300:
1 1/2" x 3" (39mm x 77mm)
The new Ideal Stamps are so unique they have been awarded numerous USA and international patents for function and design.

1. The aesthetics of the new Ideal Stamp had to meet four important criteria:
  a. The stamp must have survival form. This meant it needed to look like an evolution of the original Ideal Stamp. This is important so the new stamps are easy to recognize by end users as an Ideal Stamp.
  b. The stamp had to fit comfortably in your hand (ergonomics) and be comfortable and intuitive to use.
  c. The stamp needed to have a modern appearance that would fit in with the corporate environment of today and into the future.
  d. The stamp needed to have additional unique features to further differentiate it from all other self-inkers.
2. Engineering staff then went on to design an ink pad that can slide out like a drawer. The new ink pad holder is removable. This allows the pad to be re-inked through the top (like the original Ideal stamp), re-inking from the face of the pad, or replaced completely.
3. Ideal stamp ink is formulated for clean, crisp, fast-drying impressions without bleeding or fading on most paper stocks. A selection of ink colors is available in 6cc, 2oz, quart and gallon bottles

To assist the end user in re-inking there are instructional pictures on top of the ink well. These pictures translate well in any language!

1. Push down to lock line and slide into position.
2. Pull out ink well.
3. Stop when you hear a click.
4. Fill well with ink then close and wait 15 minutes.
Same procedure as inking but you just throw out the ink pad and replace it with a new one.

























4. To allow for easier die mounting, the stamps will be shipped locked down in the mounting position. Just peel off the protective liner on the self-adhesive tape, mount the die, and release the lock... it's that fast. The die plate is even with the bottom of the stamp frame (not below the frame as found in other stamps) when it is in the locked position. This helps you easily and accurately place the die on the die plate.
5. An added bonus of the new Ideal Stamps coming to you locked in the down position is that they will take up less space on your shelves. With the anticipated increase in sales we expect for you with the new Ideal Stamps it's comforting to know you will have more room for storage
6. The new lock also allows the end user to easily lock the stamp in the correct position so they can re-ink or remove the ink pad