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NOTE: The bottom (page 3) also is our General order form for ordering any merchandise via fax or mail.....not just embossing supplies.  The top of this order form (page 1) is for ordering embossing supplies, the 2nd page is for stamps Only (you do not need the gen. order form)

Most Seals are done in upper case gothic letters for easier reading.  (Script style address embossers are done in upper and lower case letters).  Please specify if you would like different.  We do customized art work and logos upon request.

  Address this is Being Shipped To:

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*Card Holders Signature:__________________________________________________________

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                                         For Shipping Information See Bottom   Shipping________________

                                                 Tax (6.5% - Required )  ____________

If you need more room please make 2 copies of this or write on a separate piece of paper and attach together

Mail Payment To:                                             Shipping Information in US 48 States
Shop For Supplies websites                                    Up to $14.95 �Add $6.99                   $14.96 to $20 �Add $7.99
9105 Anthony Ln.                                                  $20.01 to $39-Add $8.99                   $39.01 to $59 �Add $10.99
Spring Grove, IL     60081                                                           $59.01 to $79  - Add $12.99
FAX /or Phone:                                     Custom Art/Logo Embossers & Stamps N/A for Merchandise Total for Free Ship
815-675-2751                                                                   FREE SHIPPING over $85