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5 Color Ink Pads  - Rainbow Pigment Stamp Pads

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Ink Pad Colors may slightly vary from the ink color shown.
Pigment ink pads are a deliciously wet pigment ink with deep bold colors that are great for embossing and general stamping. This high-quality pigment ink provides complete coverage when stamping.
The Rainbow stamp pad features a raised foam surface with a clear lid. and is a specially formulated pigment ink that is acid free, Archival, Fade Resistant and designed for optimum embossing. The ink colors print the same as they appear on the stamp pad.
Rainbow Stamp Ink Pads are available in 4 selections - Celebration Rainbow, Heirloom Rainbow, Playtime Rainbow and Romance Rainbow .
Ink Pads for Scrapbook, Rubber Stamp and Craft Projects
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Celebration Rainbow

5 color ink pad - Grasshopper Celestial Sapphire, Foxglove, Orange and Pink

for Scrapbook, Rubber Stamp, Craft Pads


Ink Refills & Ink Pads


Heirloom Rainbow

5 color ink pad  supply - Ivory, Teddy Bear, Gargoyle, Mink, Alligator

for Scrapbook, Rubber Stamp, Craft Pads 


Embossing Powders


Playtime Rainbow

5 color ink pad supply - Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Orange

for Scrapbook, Rubber Stamp, Craft Pads


Paper & Note Cards


Romance Rainbow

5 color ink pad supply - Cotton Candy Pink, Waterfall Blue, Rose, Pistachio, Peach

Scrapbook, Rubber Stamp, Craft  Pads


Craft Punches

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