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Large Paper Punches by Emagination, Mcgill, and Marvy Uchida

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Scrapbook and Craft Punches 

Make Great paper craft punch outs.

Punches 3/4" to 1" shapes for use with craft and scrapbook projects - 5/8" Square Punch.

Memory albums, stamp art projects, school craft projects and more! Use on paper, cardstock, ribbon, construction paper, and adhesive backed labels. 

Stainless steel metal blade in plastic body.
See more punches with the pictures below  

Almost all our punches can be stacked - Check out our punches by size at  LOTS More Punches


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 Tons of Craft Supplies 

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Punch - Large Daisy

A Stacking Daisy Punch

Stacking Flower & Snowflake
Note - almost all our punches can be stacked & Layered .  This design also availalbe in Craft Punch size, Jumbo and Super Jumbo.


Flower & Leaf Punches


Punches, Marvy Uchida Jumbo Craft Punch - Circle # 2 - 3/4"




Large Circle Punch - Circle 13/16"


See More Circle Sizes Here
Hole Punches, Single


Craft Punches, Fiskars Craft Punch - Balloon 3/4"



EmgLgP Large Emagination Punch - Scallop Shell $10.99


See More Scallop Shells Here  Emagination & McGill - Jumbo Punches

EmgLgP Large Emagination Punch - Conch Shell $10.99


EmgLgP Large Punch - Starfish $10.99


Embossing Inks & Pads

EmgLgP Large Emagination Punch - Christmas Light Bulb $10.99


EmgLgP Large Emagination Punch - Mitten $10.99

Ink Refills & Ink Pads

EmgLgP Large Emagination Punch - Ornament $10.99

Embossing Markers

EmgLgP Large Emagination Punch - Megaphone $10.99


EmgLgP Large Emagination Punch - Football $10.99


Ink Stamp Cleaners

EmgLgP Large Emagination Punch - Rabbit $10.99


EmgLgP Large Emagination Punch - Buzz $10.99

Embossing Powders

EmgLgP Large Emagination Punch - Candle $10.99


EmgLgP Large Emagination Punch - Scotch $10.99

Liquid Applique, Paper & Fabric

EmgLgP Large Emagination Punch - Garden Shovel $10.99

Glue, Sparkles & 3D Pop Up Dots

EmgLgP Large Emagination Punch - Garden Rake $10.99

Markers & Pens


Paper Punch - 5/8" X 5/8" inch Square hole

Craft Card Punch and Craft Supplies - Craft Supply Online Store



Tag, Photo & Envelope Punches



EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Maple Leaf


See our other 1" Maples Here Paper Punches, Jumbo

EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Hawthorn Leaf


Paper Punches & Hole Punches

EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Impatiens Leaf



EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Oak Leaf


See our other 1 1/4" Oaks Here Paper Punches, Jumbo

EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Pin Oak Leaf


EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination White Oak Leaf


Scissors & Edge Trimmers

EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Crystal Snowflake



EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Aspen Snowflake


Fabric Ink, Cleaners & Markers

EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Frosty Snowflake





Punch - Large Frosty Snowflake

Stacking Flower & Snowflake
Note - almost all our punches can be stacked.  This design also availalbe in Craft Punch size, Jumbo and Super Jumbo.


Alphabet & Number Punches

EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Sleigh Bell

See Picture at top of page


EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Angel



See the Silhouette Angel

EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Northern Star


Sponges & Sponge Ink & Kits

EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Ivy Leaf


Tattoo Pads, Markers

EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Holly Leaf


Xyron Laminators & Sticker Maker

EmgLgP Punch - Large Emagination Chestnut Leaf


Border Punches

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