Portable Foot Warmer, Massaging Electric Foot Warmer, Heated Foot Rest



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Portable Foot Warmer, Massaging Electric Foot Warmer, Heated Foot Rest

Adjustable - Energy Efficient

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Warms legs and feet by warming air under tables and desks

Heated tilt-adjustable footrest AND a freestanding radiant heating unit in one.

Use for Warmer Feet at Home or in the Office - Safe, Silent, Massaging Heated Foot Rest Warmer

Fully Portable, Easy to Tote to Work.....or Play

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Heated Foot Massager

Eliminate cold work and craft
areas with one sleek unit!


  • Safe and silent operation
  • 120V, 60 Hertz, 90 Watts, 10 Amps
  • 2 heat settings adjusted with convenient control
  • Uses 100 watts
  • Non-skid textured surface feels good on feet
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Rotating top moves with you
  • Made in USA

1. Heated Footrest
Ergonomically designed with rotating top and massaging texture bumps.

2. Free Standing Radiant Heat Panel
Warms legs and feet by warming air under tables and desks

Craft Areas: Eliminate cold drafts at work tables
Home: Stand up radiant heater warms air under tables
Office: Ergonomic footrest moves with you



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