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Beanie Baby Hat, Caps, Beany Tag Protectors and Clothes

Totes & Ty Beany Bear / Beanie Baby Clothes, & Tag Protectors at 1StopSquare.com

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TY Beanie Tag Protectors

25 Semi rigid heart shaped, locket style TY beanie tag protectors for TY Beanie Baby or Buddy

didress Deep Purple Velvet with White Roses and Lace - Beanie Hat has Rose, and White Ribbon.  Fancy, and Tatsteful for your ty beanie bear or favorite beanie .  The beanie cap is deep for a perfect fit on your beanie.  We call this the Princess Di Dress - Beanie Hat Collection. 
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These Beanie Dresses and Beanie Caps are Limited

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Make TY Beanie Baby & TY Beanie Buddy stickers with the Sticker Maker !

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