Scrapbook Craft Kits, Xyron 900

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Scrapbook Craft Kits, Xyron 900

Scrapbook Craft Kits for the Avid Scrabooker, Cropper include the

Xyron 900 Laminator, Sticker, Label Maker, Magnet Maker

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      Super Xyron 900 - Craft Kits

When it comes to applying adhesive or laminating, the 4-in-1 Xyron 900 makes it as easy as 1-2-3.

The Xyron does way more than other Laminators that only laminate and the other brands cost more too!!

The Xyron 900 uses improved drop in cartridges which make for easy changing. Make stickers one minute, laminate or make magnets the next............or do a combination of laminate 1 side & adhesive on the other side the next.

Up to 9 inches Wide and Virtually any length.

Some of MANY Applications
Presentations, signs, training tools
School: Science projects, labels, teaching aids
Crafts : Scrapbooks, rubber stamping, fabrics
Home: Recipe cards, labels, kid projects

On this page you will fine the Xyron 900, Xyron 900 Craft Kits and all Xyron Supplies.

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xyron 900

Xyron 900 Laminator, Stickermaker & Magnet Maker

See our Xyron 900 Craft Kits Below the Supplies

Xyron 900

This package includes:
Xyron 900 Easy Load Cartridge Machine
Full Size Acid Free Permanent Adhesive Cartridge
Xyron 900 Owners Manual
Idea Book



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Paper Punches & Hole Punches

xyron 900 SuperSupply

Xyron 900 Super Craft Kit with Supplies

NEW Xyron 900 Super Craft Kit with Supplies

This package includes:
Xyron 900 Easy Load Cartridge Machine

Select Punch Set of 5 from Jumbo to Giga or the Small to Med

Select Paper                           

Set of 9 Pastel Chalks

Select Other Supplies                           

Select More Supplies                           

Full Size Acid Free Permanent Adhesive Cartridge
Full Size Double Laminate Cartridge
Full Size 1 Side Laminate & 1 Side Adhesive Cartridge
Xyron 900 Owners Manual
Idea Book



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Emboss Heat Tools

dl 907-50 Xyron 900 2 side Laminate Refill

Double Laminate Refill Cartridge for the Xyron 900 - 50 feet long

SAVE $5 or more on Each Xyron 900 Refills



Chalks & Rub-Ons

at 901-40 Xyron 900 Adhesive Refill Permanent adhesive refill cartridge for the Xyron 900 - 40 feet long $32.99

OUT, Man. Discontinued

See the AT 905 Below

School & Kids

at 905-40 Xyron 1900 Adhesive Refill Acid-Free permanent adhesive refill cartridge for the Xyron 900 - 40 feet long $32.99


at 906-40 Xyron 900 Acid Free Ahesive Repositionable Acid-Free repositionable adhesive refill cartridge for the Xyron 900 - 40 feet long $32.99

Sea Life Rubber Stamps

lat 976-40 Xyron 900 laminate adhesive repostionable refill 1 side laminate 1 side adhesive - repostionable refill cartridge for the Xyron 900 $32.99


lm 907-10 Xyron 900 Laminate Magnet Refill 1 side lamination 1 side magnet for the Xyron 900 $34.99

Duster, Vacuum & Blower

CV 200 Xyron Craft Video Project Idea Video based on More Than Memories TV Show $7.99

Fabric Ink, Cleaners & Markers

CV 300 Xyron Instructional Video Xyron's Craft Instructional Video with helpful hints on changing cartridges. $7.99

Sports Rubber Stamps


Spritz Stamp & Ink Cleaner

You'll be able to clean it all - from child sage inks to water resistant, solvent based and non-toxic inks.


Rubber Craft Stamps

XyronDVD Xyron 900 DVD Creative Insights for the Xyron 900 $6.99


NO243646 Adhesive Cleaner Sponge - Non-toxic Adhesive Cleaner - Great for removing stray sticky dots and other adhesives. Simply rub the square in one direction to pick up excess. When the edge of the square becomes dirty, wash off or cut off residue and continue to use. Non-toxic, long lasting.  3 Pack $6.99

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