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Xyron Laminators - Sticker Makers, Magnet and Label Makers

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Scrapbooking, Christmas and Holiday Crafts, Teaching Aids etc.

This machine is ideal for laminating DOCUMENTS AND POSTERS as well as


When it comes to applying adhesive or laminating, the 4-in-1 Xyron 1200 makes it as easy as 1-2-3.

The Xyron 1200 gives you great results with one easy-to-use machine.

You can laminate, apply adhesive, or do a combination at the same time.

Up to 12 inches Wide and Virtually any length.

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xyron1200 Xyron 1200 Laminator, Sticker Maker

This Package INCLUDES:
Xyron 1200 4 in 1 machine
Sticker Making Cartridge AT1105 15'

Free Craft Supply & Stamp Catalog Instructional Booklet


Candle Making Supply & "icing"

xyron1200CR Xyron 1200 Laminator, Sticker Maker

This Package INCLUDES:
Xyron 1200 4 in 1 machine

Xyron Idea Book
Xyron Video with helpful Hints

Sticker Making Cartridge AT1105 15'  Instructional Booklet


DL 1101-100 Xyron 1200 2-side laminate Double Laminate Cartridge for the Xyron 1200- Laminate both sides 100 feet long $74.99

Chalks & Rub-Ons

SL 1101-100 Xyron 1200 1 side Laminate Single Side Lamination for the Xyron 1200 - 100 feet long $73.99



LAT 1101-50 Xyron 1200 Laminate/High Tack Adhesive Laminate & Adhesive Application-High Tack Combination adhesive transfer Cartridge with lamination on the front/top for the Xyron 1200. Highest
adhesive strength combo 50 feet long

Cleaners for Inks & Stamps

LAT 1106-50 Xyron 1200 Laminate/Acid Free, Repositionable Adhesive One Side Lamination & One Side Adhesive Cartridge for the Xyron 1200 - Repositionable & Acid FreeFor projects that may require trialAnd error application. 50 Feet Long $74.99
AT 1101-50 Xyron 1200 High Tack Adhesive One Side Permanent Adhesive Application Cartridge for the Xyron 12000 - High Tack 50 feet long $74.99

Man. discontinued

Coin Changers

AT 1105-50 Xyron 1200 Acid Free Adhesive One Side Adhesive Application Acid Free Cartridge for the Xyron 1200 50 Feet Long $74.99



AT 1106-50 Xyron 1200 Acid Free/Repositionable Adhesive One Side Adhesive Cartridge for the Xyron 1200 Repositionable & Acid Free For projects that may require trial and error applications. 50 feet long $74.99

Craft & Garden Specialy & Wood Marker

DC 1200 Xyron 1200 Dust Cover Dust Cover to keep your Xyron 1200 looking new and free of dust & dirt. $39.99




MB 8502 Xyron 850 Carry All Bag Padded Carry Bag Holds the Xyron 850 and Cartridges $79.99



Mulberry Paper Rolls

L 106 Xyron Idea Book The Xyron Idea Book contains Lots of ideas for using your system including scrapbooking and crafts. $6.95



CV 200 Xyron Craft Video Project Idea Video based on More Than Memories TV Show $8.99


Coin Changers

CV 300 Xyron Instructional Video Xyron's Craft Instructional Video with helpful hints on changing cartridges. $8.99



NO243646 Adhesive Cleaner Sponge - Non-toxic Adhesive Cleaner - Great for removing stray sticky dots and other adhesives. Simply rub the square in one direction to pick up excess. When the edge of the square becomes dirty, wash off or cut off residue and continue to use. Non-toxic, long lasting.  3 Pack $6.99

Transportation & Vehicle


Spritz Stamp & Ink Cleaner

You'll be able to clean it all - from child sage inks to water resistant, solvent based and non-toxic inks.


Rubber Craft Stamps

1004 xyron Xyron Roller Springs Xyron Roller Springs - 2 Per Set $8.99




1094 xyron Xyron 1200 Crank Handle Crank Handle Assembly for Xyron 1200 $5.99


Embossing Inks & Pads

1385 xyron Xyron 1200 Nip Roller - Top Nip Roller Assembly - Top Roller for Xyron 1200 $15.99



1421 xyron Xyron 1200 Nip Roller - Bottom Nip Roller Assembly - Bottom Roller for Xyron 1200 $15.99


Embossing Markers

1472 xyron Xyron 1200 Output Tray 1200 Output Tray - The EXIT Tray from the Xyron 1200 $8.99




1409 xyron Xyron 1200 Input Tray 1200 Input Tray - Where you INSERT the items for completion for Xyron 1200 $19.99


Embossing Powders

1474 xyron Xyron 1200 Cutter Bar Assembly Upper Cutter Bar Assembly. Includes: Cutter Bar, Cutter Blade, Orange Cutter Holder - 2nd Gen. systems only - for Xyron 1200 $8.99


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